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Kian Sparkes - EPK

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Kian is a songwriter/singer and multi-instrumentalist who works from his purpose-built Home-Studio, West-Shire Studio, in the Northwest of England, creating his musical blend of Breezy-Classic/Roots-Rock with a twist of Country... being a little Too Rock for Country and Too Country for Rock!

Kian has released 4 studio albums to date, as well as 4 E.Ps, and he is currently in pre-production to record his 5th studio album.

Having both melody and energy, Kian’s music can take you on a journey through haunting moods and melodies to blistering guitar solos.


On his studio releases, Kian uses vocal harmonies, twin-lead guitars, slide guitar as well as Hammond organs and pianos to create his sound; but he likes to keep it stripped back and bare when playing live solo shows, often with just his acoustic guitar and his voice.


As a true modern-day independent artist, Kian loves the freedom of being able to write, record, produce and release his music whilst building his audience one-person-at-a-time – playing real-music for real-music fans! 


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