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Unfinished Business (DELUXE EDITION)

Kian Sparkes - Unfinished Business (DELU

Released 2020

This was my debut album and originally released in 2017... but, I always wanted to re-mix & re-master it, to make it sound 'more-like-I-heard-in-my-head'.


During the 2020 Lockdown (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), I was finding it hard to write new material - the songs were there, but I wasn't in the right headspace! 


So, I decided to revisit the 'Unfinished Business' album to do the job that I'd always put off... re-mix & re-master this project! 


This 'Deluxe Edition' includes the original 10 albums tracks (re-mixed & re-mastered) + 5 Live Acoustic tracks + 2 singles... 17 Tracks for you enjoy! 


And here it is... Hope you enjoy the music.







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