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Has It Got What It Takes? 

HIGWIT (Deluxe) Download Cover.png

My second album originally released in 2018 as three E.P'3... now released as it was always meant to be... an album!

During 2020 (and the COVID-19 pandemic) I not only found myself in 'physical' Lockdown, but I quickly found that I was mentally unable to write and record the music I wanted, too! It was a place I'd never found myself before... I didn't like it!


So, I decided to undertake some projects I hadn't managed to 'get done'!


Back in 2018 I had recorded the 'Has It Got What It Takes?' project and released it over the year as the 3 E.P's:


   * Wasting Time E.P

   * Has It Got What It Takes? (E.P)

   * Cold Morning Coffee (E.P)


(* ALL still available on my Website & Bandcamp store)


But, it was always meant to be an album project!


Hence, my 2020 plan was to Re-mix & Re-master the original 2017 recordings, getting it to sound the way that it always has in my head.


So, here is the 'Has It Got What It Takes?' album as it was intended to be... an Album, with a few extras for good luck on this 'Deluxe Edition'!


I hope you enjoy the music!


Peace & Love




***NOTE*** Limited Edition CD available at my Bandcamp MERCH Store... here

Released 2020

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