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(Instrumental E.P)


Released 2021

During 2020, Kian decided to revisit some of his older back catalogue to give it a bit of a refresh. After Re-Mixing & Re-Mastering his first two albums, and then working hard on the NEW album for 2021 (more news to follow!), this project kinda 'fell-through-the-cracks' and has been sitting around patiently waiting for it's time! This October 2021, it's time will come... again!


The 'Speechless' E.P consists of four Instrumental Guitar tracks - two Electric compositions and two Acoustic ideas. Kian wanted to revisit these original recordings to better represent his ideas and visions of this material - improving the mixes, sounds and feel of the music!

Originally released in 2018, this collection of musical ideas shows off more of Kian's guitar talents as well as his ear for beautiful and interesting melodies. From the Spanish infused 'Light From A Shadow' through to the Hammond Organ driven rock-groove of 'The Sky Is Falling'!

Hope U dig it!

Love & Peace



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