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November 2019 - Single Release 'Pocket Dreams'

'Pocket Dreams' is the second release from the upcoming album 'Comfortable Skin' ... watch the video here ☞

You can download the single version from the Music section here on my website or from my Bandcamp page here:☞

This is another special song for me... I actually think this is the best (or one of the best songs!!!) I've written at the this time. Yep, that's a big statement... and I know a lot of people would argue that maybe 'Running Home', 'Has It Got What It Takes?' or 'Weather In Heaven' are better songs... but I just really like this song - 'Pocket dreams'! As I like to say... I sometimes write 'folk' songs and this is one of those... it's a song about some 'folks'! 🤣

The DNA of the 'Comfortable Skin' album is all about living in the NOW, not living in the past and not living in the future but living in the here and NOW!

I really feel that 'Pocket Dreams' epitomises this idea... it's all about being happy with yourself enough to want the biggest and best for yourself! The song is based a fictitious couple who have walked through my music for a while now... and on reflection, I think this song is a development of the stories told in the songs 'Has It Got What It Takes?' and 'You Left Alone'... but I never set it out to be that way!

Creating the video was a lot of fun... the idea of the fictitious couple living with another while dreaming about each other jumped onto the screen! I had great fun exploring photo's and places where I've had the good fortune and luck to have visited myself - Tooties in Nashville and Beal Street, Memphis! In some way it felt a link fro me to the video!

ALBUM UPDATE: The 'Comfortable Skin' album is coming along! It's getting closer... it's getting closer! The new mixes are much better and I'm feeling happier with these mixes... Thank you for all your continued support and understanding. Listens and Mastering is now imminent! WooHoo! 🤘

Come on over to the 'Acoustic LIVE' session every week - your very welcome! I play stripped-back acoustic versions of my songs and love chatting to folks who come and hang-out for a while. Come on over and join in, every Tuesday OR Thursday @9pm (GMT).

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Likes are great, Comments are even better and SHARES are amazing!!!


So until next time, thanks for all your support and keep loving' MUSIC!


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