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May 2019 - A Missed Deadline

DOH! Hi folks... well I'm gonna hold my hands up and apologise! The 'Comfortable Skin' album is NOT READY for release! 😞

After the computer troubles I had back in March/April... life got in the way and then the computer gremlins decided to kick-off again... so I've made the decision to postpone the release of the album to ensure that I can get the best album I can get! I hope you understand!

I could release it now, it is complete... but I'm not 'lovin'-it'... it still feels like a 'demo' to me! I need time to re-listen and remix the songs - to live with them for a while - before finalising and releasing it! It's all about the ART-my-dears! 🤣

The last two songs on the album - 'What Would I Say?' and 'Rise' - definitely need more time and love. I'm extremely proud of these two songs and feel they especially need the extra time to develop... as they both came late in the 'Comfortable Skin' sessions.

I'm working hard to get this album RIGHT! I'll keep you posted on my progress and when I'll be able to release it... 🤘

If you get chance come and join in my 'Acoustic LIVE' session every week - I play stripped-back acoustic versions of my songs and love chatting to folks who come on over and hang-out for a while. Come on over and join in, every Tuesday OR Thursday @9pm (GMT).

Also, remember all your

help across Social Media is a massive help - please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! These are like gold-dust for independent artists... they help us reach more people!

Likes are great, Comments are even better and SHARES are amazing!!!


Until next time, thanks for all your support and keep loving' MUSIC!


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