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March/April 2019 - What's Happening...

Hi all, the NEW album is coming on great... 'Comfortable Skin'.... TOO ROCK for COUNTRY and TOO COUNTRY for ROCK!

COMPUTER TROUBLES... ... so frustrating! I've been having some major troubles and this has slowed my progress with the album, but I'm soldiering through and trying to make the best of a bad situation. Hopefully, I've mangled to get things working again now and I can press on full steam ahead! Computers are great when they work.... 😂

The 'Acoustic LIVE' session every week is also going great - I play stripped-back acoustic versions of my songs and love chatting to folks who come on over and hang-out for a while. Come on over and join in, every Thursday @9pm (GMT).

Social Media - please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! These are like gold-dust for independent artists... they help us reach more people!

Likes are great, Comments are even better and SHARES are amazing!!!


Until next time, thanks for all your support and keep loving' MUSIC!


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