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December 2019 - UPDATE

Hohoho! It's almost that time of year... but you still don't need that tree up just yet! 🎄😂

Christmas songs are now allowed in our house... Alexa is worn out already! 😂

Sooooo, in the land of Kian Sparkes' music, I've been working really hard on getting everything sorted for the 'Comfortable Skin' release. The artwork is finalised and the Master files are almost there... just a few final tweaks!

'Comfortable Skin' is going to be released on CD! I'm just waiting on the duplication company getting back to me. All exciting stuff....

I've also been busy organising and getting better with my YouTube channel and social media community! Big changes coming here in 2020 and beyond!

Other news, I've started planing for my next album and have already booked out the time in my Home Studio (TheToneShack) for writing and recording sessions. It might sound little strange that I've booked time in my own studio, but I always treat my studio as the business space that it is - as I have work from other clients to consider and deliver I have to be organised and realistic with the time available for me to be in the studio working, on my material and/or others! So, that said, I've booked the time and I'm looking forward to getting stuck int o some new(er) music!

The 'Acoustic LIVE' sessions stopped during November - I wanted to have bit of a break from the sessions - as much as I love them, I had been committed to them for over a year and decided I needed to take a bit of time off.... but good news.... they're gonna be back!

Starting back in January 2020 I'll be getting back to playing a show every week and your very welcome to come on over and hang out in my studio for a while! I play stripped-back acoustic versions of my songs and love chatting to folks who come and hang-out for a while. Come on over and join in, every Tuesday @9pm (GMT).

Social Media - remember to please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! These are like gold-dust for independent artists... they help us reach more people! Likes are great, Comments are even better and SHARES are amazing!!!


So until next time, thanks for all your support and keep lovin' MUSIC!

And in case I don't see you before may I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year... here's to Love, Music and Peace ❤️🕊

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