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July 2019 - Single Release 'Weather In Heaven'

'Weather In Heaven' is the first release from the 'Comfortable Skin' album. Hope you enjoy it... I LOVE this song!

'Weather In Heaven' is a very special song to me... a few years back I lost my dad, suddenly! It was hard... but, as always you get through it! My daughter had only just been born, so we were still experiencing the high of welcoming a child into our world when tragedy struck! Life was hard for a long time, but a child's love can not be underestimated...

A few years later my daughter was tottering around, as little people do, and she innocently asked me '... where's grandad? ...' or words to that effect! And then she asked '... is there weather in heaven?...'!

And BOOM the song was there... so I ran to my acoustic guitar and wrote the song in about 20 minutes! It just flowed from me and the guitar!

Recording the song was easy... until it came to the vocal! It took me a long time to get it down; it was extremely hard... but it was a very good, and much needed, healing process. ❤️

Mixing this song was a great experience too, and producing/remixing this single version was fantastic! Making the video was a long and sometimes emotional task. The videos story idea is more universal and celebrates all those who we have all lost! While the little girl's journey of growing up through the video was something I wanted to develop for the lyric...

'The pictures fade, but the love forever grows...'

My little girl is not so little anymore and she loves the story behind 'her' song for her grandad! Love never dies!

Celebrate the people you love... ❤️ 🕊

ALBUM UPDATE: The 'Comfortable Skin' album is coming along and I'm becoming happier with the mixes... but after making the decision to postpone the release I'm determined to not rush now! Life has taught me that things come when they're ready! Thank you for all your continued support and understanding.

The 'Acoustic LIVE' session every week is also going great - I play stripped-back acoustic versions of my songs and love chatting to folks who come on over and hang-out for a while. Come on over and join in, every Tuesday OR Thursday @9pm (GMT).

Social Media - please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! These are like gold-dust for independent artists... they help us reach more people!

Likes are great, Comments are even better and SHARES are amazing!!!


So until next time, thanks for all your support and keep loving' MUSIC!


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