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Audio Services


'Radio Ready' mixes from your Individual Tracks or STEMS

UNLIMITED number of Tracks & UNLIMITED duration of song


Mixing of your tracks to create 'Radio Ready' mixes.

UNLIMITED number of Tracks & UNLIMITED duration

Please fill in the Contact Form below and we can discuss your projects requirements


If your tracks have been mixed already, but you want them mastered to commercial volume levels.


If your tracks have been mixed already, but you want them mastered to commercial volume levels (ready for CD or Digital Downloads), I will happily master your previously mixed tracks.

Please fill in the Contact Form below and we can discuss your projects requirements



  • Songwriting

  • Composing

  • Podcast Music

  • Jingles

  • Full song production

Everything you need... from creating complete songs with artists or to writing and producing music for Podcasts, Jingles, Commercial Videos. 

Please contact me for rates and more info


Pro Quality:

  • Vocals

  • BV's

  • Electric Guitar

  • Slide Guitar

  • Acoustic Guitars

  • Bass



I can add any of the following to your tracks:
Vocals, BV's, Guitars, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Synths, Pads.

I can build and record a whole song from your ideas for you too, if required.

All at your guidance or in collaboration with me as your producer.

Please contact me for Session Work prices.

Audio Editing Services

  • Podcast Editing

  • Video Audio Editig

  • Vocal Editing

  • Vocal Tuning

Audio editing for Podcasts, Audio editing for Videos, Audio Comping, Vocal Tuning, Drum Editing, Instrument Editing

Please contact me for Rates & more info

Voice Over Services

  • Audio Books

  • Voice Over Video

  • Commercial Voice Overs

All voice over work recording and produced in house:

Voice overs, Audio Book Production, 

Please contact me for Rates & more info


Hi, and welcome to KS Audio Productions. My name is Kian Sparkes and I LOVE all aspects of music... 


KS Audio Productions is here to provide Audio Services across the globe - including music production, mixing/mastering and editing services at completive prices. My aim to ensure my clients are always happy with their end product!

As a musician/artist myself I know how hard it can be to get your songs ‘just-right’ - getting them sounding the way you want them to. I love to help fellow musicians aspire to their dreams of writing, recording and releasing their own music by making it 'affordable' to have your music professionally mixed and mastered. I’m confident I can help you get your songs right. I work within all aspects of Rock / Alt.Rock / Folk / Country / Americana music - my main passion being anything guitar! But, being the open and enthusiastic person that I am, I'm happy to work within most genres. 

KS Audio Productions can provide: full production of your songs; playing as a session musician on your material; editing and mix your recordings or simply mixing and/or mastering your finalised recordings. I am also highly experienced with Audio Editing for Podcasts/Video makers - no job is too big or too small!

As a songwriter, I love the process of songwriting and arrangement. So if you would like me to help you produce your next project please get in touch. As a songwriter I know how hard it can be to get a song 'just-right'; I'm always empathetic to your needs and dreams for your music - it's all about the art, right! ​​

KS Audio also provides highly experienced Audio Editing, Vocal Tuning, Drum Editing, Instrument Editing as well as Podcast Editing and Audio-Video Editing. I have also gained valuable experience working on numerous art projects as well as working with school projects, too. If you need voice over and audio book services please don't hesitate to contact me..  

Please see the 'Audio Services' section (above) my fees!


Thanks for looking and hopefully we can work together soon.  


Peace 🕊


Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 09.20.32.png



Would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the engineering work you did on "Songwriter Blues". 


Widening the track to create more separation between instruments and bring a bit more low end kick/bass weight into the track has certainly helped to clean it up.


Extremely pleased with your efforts and skills and look forward to working with you on a future project.




I worked with Kian to mix and master my jazz cover - and he was absolutely wonderful!

He really listens to the tone you're looking for and is understanding, ready and enthusiastic - ensuring that you're thrilled with the final product.


A truly skilled musician and sound engineer and an absolute pleasure to work with.

I would highly recommend working with him, and I look forward to working with him again!

Thank you Kian!

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.11.51.png



Kian was very patient, good mixer and good input. He allowed our song to take shape after LOTS of edits but stayed patient and the result was a good song that became great. He's not just an engineer, he's a partner in getting your music to the next level if you want or he's cool enough to keep things as is.

When you pick an engineer you should select someone who cares about your music and not just in a rush with multiple projects just for the $$. If you care about your music the way I do then Kian is your guy! 


We're definitely working again with him.

Alt. Rock

Rock/Hard Rock




Mixing & Mastering Samples


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