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Crooked Creation


'Crooked Creation' is my fourth studio album... and I'm super-proud of this set of songs!


This album has taken a long time to 'get done'! The process started early 2020 with a release planned for later that year... then the pandemic struck!

The world changed! My world changed... My plans had to change...

During this difficult period of our planet's history, I had a long period of not wanting to write music. I wasn't suffering from depression or anything like that, I was just disconnected from music somehow! I had long periods of musical uncertainty... something I had never encountered before! It was scary! After many months of keeping busy with other projects - remixing & remastering my first two albums, I got back on the proverbial horse.


Recording sessions were slower than usual, singing was harder, after suffering with COVID-19 twice, it took a while to get my lungs back to full throttle! But I got there.

The album is a reflection of the times in which it was created, as well as a wider view on our world today. I believe some of my best work to-date is on this album...and I'm extremely proud of each and every song.

This Special Edition (Exclusively for the CREW) features quite a lot of Extra/Bonus Tracks - I thought you might be interested in hearing some of the original/early demo's of the songs on 'Crooked Creation' to see/hear how they developed towards their final recorded versions. I Hope your enjoy the journey.

I have also included 4 songs/ideas that never made the cut for the 'Crooked Creation' album... but might make an album... one day! A little bit of a tease, if you like! Hope you dig 'em!

Thanks, as always for all your support - U ROCK!

Enjoy the music

Here's to love, peace, our families & friends and Friday's down the pub!




Released 2022

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