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Comfortable Skin

CS Cover Front (rip effect)1.png

Another year... and another set of songs! This album, my 3rd studio album, has taken me a long... long time to finalise and get to where I'm happy to 'let-it-go! ... but, here it is and I'm incredibly proud of all the songs that I have put down here...


Every song on this album is about the idea of being happy in the HERE and NOW: being happy with yourself; being happy to be YOU; not living for others; but living for YOU... not living in the past, nor in the future... but living TODAY... living NOW! and wearing YOUR own 'Comfortable Skin'!


Life has taught me, it's great to have goals and aspirations, but today's busy lifestyle and the demands of our material world can be unhealthy! Please look after 'YOU' and each other! I hope you enjoy these songs and have good-old-sing-a-along!


I'm already looking forward to getting back into the studio, where my very own 'Comfortable Skin' fits best, and working on more new music...


So 'till next time, a massive 'Thank You' for supporting me & my music... and here's to love, life and Friday's down the pub!


Love & Peace



Released 2019

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