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Acoustic 'Lockdown' Sessions

During 2020 I found it very difficult to write new music. I couldn't gig or play Live, in the conventional sense, so I decided to keep busy by playing Live in my Home-Studio - WestShire Studio - here in the UK.


The Acoustic 'Lockdown' Sessions: #1, #2 and #3 all explore my acoustic interpretations and arrangements for many of the the songs from my first 3 studio albums.

Acoustic 'Lockdown' Sessions#1 - songs from the 'Unfinished Business' album

Acoustic 'Lockdown' Sessions#2 - songs from the 'Has It Got What It Takes?' album

 Acoustic 'Lockdown' Sessions#3 - songs form the 'Comfortable Skin' album

Thanks for all your support and enjoy


I know that some folks still like an option to be able to pay for the music, so I have included that option here... 

BUT these download albums are FREE  for 'The CREW' (just enter £0.00) and enjoy!

Thank you so, so much for all your support!



Acoustic 'Lockdown' Sessions#1

Acoustic 'Lockdown' Sessions#2

Acoustic 'Lockdown' Sessions#3

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